Cantina Black Faux Leather / Vinyl

Cantina Black Faux Leather / Vinyl
    Code: 3213R
    20 yard(s) available
    Price: $0.00
    Width: 54 inches
    Manufacturer: Farmington
    Choose one:
    Swatch 2" x 6"
    3/8 yard sample
    Although a faux leather, only you will know. Heavy duty wearability. 100,000 double rubs.

    Recycled Leather offers the look feel and volume of traditional leather but without the high price. It offers similar color, depth, luster, dimensional grain and hand rubbed, layered tones. This product goes through multiple non-polluting cleaning processes. Discarded leather is collected from manufacturers of apparel, shoes, handbags luggage, furniture, etc., and then put through a series of scouring processes to achieve a consistently even texture. It is then cleaned to allow a uniform, natural color for the finished product. The recycled leather is then applied to a cotton substrate and washed again to soften the hand. The end result is an environmentally safe and ‘clean’ product which gives the feel, weight and durability of leather but without polluting the environment. This manufacturing process minimizes waste, hazardous byproducts and energy consumption. The end product becomes the perfect fabric because it is strong, cleanable and beautiful, with all the best characteristics of leather. And recycled leather provides a significant cost savings. Compare the price to leather at a typical $250 per yard! It’s a dream come true--- “leather on a roll”.

    Features :
    • Incredible Abrasion Resistance---- 100,0000 double rubs
    • PVC free, eco-friendly cellular polyurethane face
    • Stain Resistant
    • Flame Retardant
    • Cleanable with soap & water

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