Camie 888 Spray Silicone Release Agent & Lubricant

Camie 888 Spray Silicone Release Agent & Lubricant
    Code: UP113
    Price: $21.00
    Manufacturer: Camie
    Spray Camie 888 Spray Silicone is used in upholstery to facilitate stuffing cushion inserts into cushion covers. Fast evaporating, generally non-staining. Camie 888 is a 3% viscocity silicone. It leaves a colorless, tenacious dry film when applied and is recommended for difficult release applications (rubber molding) as well as a lubricant for rubber or applications where high friction may be encountered. Although flammable when being applied, once the solvents evaporate the remaining silicone lubricant film is essentially non-flammable. Camie 888 Tech sheet.

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