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Cushion Restuffing Service

Cushion restuffing is a cost effective way to get new life out of your upholstered furniture. Bring in your tired and limp cushions and we will make a new insert for your seat cushions and / or rewrap the back cushions. For seat cushions, we will cut the foam, adhere Dacron batting, stuff the new cushion insert into your cover, and steam the finished product for a professional look. Back cushions usually have loose stuffing in them. We take out the loose stuffing, fluff it up, wrap it with Dacron, and reinsert it into the cushion cover. Turnaround time is usually just a couple days.

Most, but not all, regular sized seat cushions (cushions up to 36" in size) can be restuffed for $100-$175 per cushion. This includes foam, batting and labor. The largest variable is the thickness and density of the foam you select. Following is our labor price list per cushion. Foam and batting are not included in these prices and must be purchased from our store.

No appointment necessary. Just bring your cushions in. Note: DO NOT take the current stuffings out.

Cushion Restuffing Labor Prices (foam / Dacron not included in labor prices)



Labor Price/each

up to 36” square or rectangle $55
up to 36” shaped / t-cushion $60
36” – 60” rectangle $65
36” – 60” shaped / t-cushion $70
60” and over rectangle $75
Back cushion wrap up to 36" wide $45
Back cushion wrap over 36" wide $55

Before - back cushion After - back cushion

Large sofa cushions - before and after

Before - shaped seat cushion After - shaped seat cushion

Before - leather seat cushion After - leather seat cushion

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