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Dollar Days Sale


Fabric Farms Interiors has a Dollar Days Sale every other year. The date of our sale is July 21 – August 9, 2014. This is a great sale, one you should NOT miss! Especially since we only have it every other year!

This is our chance to clean house and make room for new merchandise. The focus of the sale is our bargain priced fabrics and trims - we mark selected fabrics and trims at only $1-$10 per yard!! There is a minimum cut of 5 yards, but at this price, how can you pass it up?

Shop online or in our retail store in Columbus, Ohio.

DECORATIVE FABRICS: $1-$10 per yard

In the back of our store, you’ll find our Bargain Bolts department. These fabrics are usually either special buys or end-of-the-bolt fabrics (remnants) from our regular stock. We have a few yards left, so we mark it down and move it to the back of the store. During our Dollar Days Sale, we mark these fabrics down even more! At prices of $1 thru $10 per yard, you’ll enjoy looking through the selection.

Unfortunately, sometimes we buy fabrics that the right buyer just hasn’t come along for yet. Therefore, these fabrics are orphans looking for a home. We’ll look through all our in-stock bolts of decorative fabrics and look for these orphans and we’ll mark them down to $1 to $10 per yard. These bolts will be mixed in with our regularly priced fabrics, so enjoy the hunt down the aisles to look for these treasures.

Dollar Days Sale – Decorative Fabrics

DECORATIVE TRIMS: $1-$10 per yard

We also have decorative trims on sale during our Dollar Days Sale. You’ll find a wide selection of gimps, tassel trims, brush fringes, cording, cord with lip and more. During our Dollar Days Sale, we mark these decorative trims down to $1 to $10 per yard. We’ll have these trims located at the front of the store.

Dollar Days Sale – Decorative Trims


Our Fabric Library is always changing. Our vendors send us new fabric samples on a regular basis. In order to make room for new fabrics, they discontinue older fabrics. When the fabric is discontinued from their line, we still have the sample. So, we pull the sample and mark it $1 to $5 each. These discontinued fabric samples are great for small projects – pillows, crafts, totes, bags and purses, Girl Scout and Boy Scout projects, doll houses, or just to add to your fabric stash! During our Dollar Days Sale this year, we are pricing these samples by the pound! We’ll provide you with a green plastic bag and you fill it up as much or as little, as you want. We tested how many pounds of discontinued fabric samples you can get in one green plastic bag - Jeff fit 8 pounds in his bag, and Helen got 10 pounds in hers. That’s a lot of fabric for that price.

Dollar Days Sale – Discontinued Fabric Samples by the pound

Dollar Days Sale – Discontinued Fabric Samples by the pound


As we made our way through the store looking for items for our sale, we found the following: 6 x 17 bolster/neckrolls (20% off), feather throws (20% off), display toss pillows ($20 each), display chair cushions ($40 each), and miscellaneous curtain rods and window hardware.


Due to the nature of the sale, we can’t put all the items we have on sale on our website. We’ll put out there what we can.


The early bird gets the bargain. If you see a fabric or trim that you like, we strongly recommend you get it. We will not hold any fabrics or trims. There is a 5 yard minimum cut on all fabrics and trims. If the bolt has less than 5 yards, you’ll be required to purchase the entire amount.


We hope you can make our 3 week sale this year. We have a good turnout every time we have this sale. Hope to see you soon!

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