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3″ Slip-in Drapery Hooks for Decorative Rods Pack of 14

3″ slip-in drapery hooks are used for decorative traverse rods. Silver tone finish. Graber 7-230-0. 14 hooks per envelope. 3

Graber Long Pin-On Drapery Hooks Pack of 14

Graber 7-330-0; 14 drapery hooks per envelope; 2 3/4 inch. Silver tone finish.

Graber Short Pin-On Drapery Hooks Pack of 14

Graber 7-300-0; 14 hooks per envelope; hook fits over the rod. The inside diameter of this drapery pin is approximately

Large Screw Eyes for Roman Shades

13/32 inch x 1 3/8 inch long screw eyes for roman shades. Run cording thru the screw eyes to the

Short Pin-On Drapery Hooks for Draperies Pack of 14

14 hooks per envelope; 1 3/8 inch size. Silver tone finish. Similar to Graber item 7-310-0.

Tenter Hooks or Tieback Hooks for Draperies

Simply tap this sharp tenter hook into the wall, then hook your tie-back rings onto it. This is the easiest

Traverse Rod Add-a-Slide Pack of 10

Graber 8-664-1. 10 slides/ glides per envelope; white finish. This style of traverse slide is used when the curtains are

Traverse Rod Slides Pack of 10

Graber 8-666-1; 10 slides / glides per envelope; white finish. Original slides for Super Heavy Duty and Heavy Duty Graber