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Aspen honeydew DISC

100,000 double rubs recycled leather

Boxer Irish A Fabric

Boxer Irish A Fabric *BARGAIN BOLT*. Special buy fabric, limited stock available. 54 inches

Covington Amritsar 166 Sand Fabric

Regular price $26.90/yard. Spa blue, sage green, and tan striped fabric by Covington. 100% cotton 14 inches 54 inches

Cruise Lime Upholstery Fabric

Swavelle Mill Creek 100,000 double rubs latex backed

Irving Citron Striped Fabric

Cotton striped fabric in green, tan, and white. 54 inches

KE 353 Vinyl fern

100,000 double rubs not reorderable

M10171 pesto

not reorderable 15,000+ double rubs

M10233 sprout

not reorderable 15,000+ double rubs

P.Kaufmann John kelly

Exciting, vibrant stripes in green, blue and brown on an ivory groundcloth. cotton 5.5 inches 54 inches

Padded Suede olive

Padded Suede Olive Upholstery Fabric. This olive color suede fabric is thickly padded for a comfortable feel in a textile