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Bird Trax branch

not reorderable 25,000 double rubs

Chevy taupe

Chevy Taupe Fabric is a chevron chenille in taupe with black highlights. Heavy duty double rubs. Special purchase fabric, limited

Conrad Twill chocolate/taupe

Conrad Twill Brown Fabric. This textile features a chevron pattern in taupe and dark chocolate brown, that elicits a men’s

Dashwood brown

A chevron-chenille upholstery fabric in brown with black outlines. 45,000 double rubs, heavy duty wearability. Cotton/Polyester 1.5 54 inches

Fabricut Chevron Kimono navy

Ikat blue, platinum gray, and ivory pulsate through time and space. Eyes peer through the mountain fog. Multi purpose fabric.

Glenbrier fog

Culp/ 9,000 double rubs

M10156 mushroom

not reorderable 15,000+ double rubs

Nihoa santa fe

Swavelle/Mill Creek 30,000 double rubs latex backed