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Annandale moss

Annondale Moss Fabric. A floral pattern in dusty orange, brass, and cornflower blue is expertly positioned upon a crinkled moss

Barrow M8969 Beach Upholstery Fabric

A dramatic and graphic floral arrangement in chocolate and sugar-sprinkled creme make this fabric a contemporary attention-getter! cotton polyester blend

Belvedere French Roast Upholstery Fabric

A delightful sketchbook chenille of flowers and leaves on a rich brown background. Coordinates with 2233N. cotton-polyester 54 inches

Braemore Amadore Tobacco Fabric

Intriguing Jacobean pattern in watercolor reds, greens, yellow and tan set upon a nicely cross-hatched tan linen-look background. cotton 13.5

Braemore Grandiflora Curry Fabric

Amusing large floral arrangement in watercolor tones of grapefruit and mango, leaf green and vapor blue frame a linen-looking butterscotch

Covington Amagansett 258 Sorbet Fabric

Large graphic floral print fabric in coral, peach, leaf green, gold, white and light teal blue on a cream, cross

Covington HL Rosehall 11 Multi Floral Fabric

This floral fabric has a half drop pattern. Please allow extra fabric when calculating yardage. Classic rose pattern but with

Covington Okeefe black

Covington O’Keefe Black Floral Fabric. Homage to Georgia. Brilliant floral pattern in fuchsia, lime green, tangerine orange, and purple on

Covington Piccadilly 604 Buttercup Fabric

Buttercup yellow and brown flowers climb the diamond lattice framed on an off white background. cotton 27 inches 25 inches

Dandylion anthracite

Danylin Anthracite Floral Fabric. Darker dandelions explode on a lighter flax ground. 15,000 double rubs. cotton/linen blend 27 inches 13.5

Fabricut Violet watermelon

10,000 double rubs / Charlotte Moss