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60 Inch Aluminum Ruler

Our 60 inch aluminum ruler reaches across the width of most fabric. We also call it a cording stick because

8″ Upholstery Regulator

An upholstery regulator is used to reposition stuffing under fabric. Flat end is great for tucking fabric under ply grip.

Bronze Magnetic Hammer

Solid bronze head magnetic hammer. Steel tipped, one end for permanent magnet and the other for hammering. Lacquered handle. The

CS Osbourne No. 404 Spring End Former

CS Osbourne No. 404 Spring End Former. This tool crimps the ends of zig-zag springs, and open coil springs. A

Quick Nailer Spacer for Upholstery

Quick nailer space is used for applying decorative nails / tacks in upholstery projects. Can also use for cornices or

Rubber Hammer / Rubber Mallet

Rubber mallets have many uses. They are useful in closing ply-grip or hammering decorative nails / decorative tacks in place.

Spoon Bill Staple Remover

C.S.Osborne No. 1066, Spoon Bill Staple Puller has a polished forged steel blade with hardwood handle. This spoon-billed staple lifter

Yellow Handle Staple Puller 120 1/2

The yellow handle staple puller no. 120 1/2 is the most basic staple remover. Use it to remove staples of